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We develop superior real estate solutions and lasting value for our clients and the communities they serve.

Our story.

SimonCRE was formed in 2010 by Joshua Simon with the goal to create a company that redefined the commercial real estate development industry. Since then, we have developed and leased property all across the country, from Florida to Oregon.

Our mission.

We work hard to maintain the highest standards while delivering superior real estate developments for our clients and surrounding communities. We aim to create innovative, flexible, and effective solutions while embodying an entrepreneurial spirit.

Our passion.

SimonCRE is committed to building lasting relationships and leaving a positive impact on the communities we serve. We want commercial development to be about more than just constructing or reconstructing a building; one way or another, it’s about transformations.

our services

Ground Up Development

From the ground up, we develop successful opportunities for our clients and communities.

Build To Suit

Developing innovative and personalized projects to meet the needs of our clients.


Leaving a lasting impact on communities by finding the untapped potential in untended properties.

recent projects

We’re continually pushing forward to achieve more and bring more to the clients and communities we serve.

New Build to Suit Dollar General in Janesville, California

Janesville, CA

Dollar General

9,100 SF

New Build to Suit Verizon Wireless in Boone, IA

Boone, IA

Verizon Wireless

2,000 SF

New build to suit Dollar General in Oroville, CA

Oroville, CA

Dollar General

9,100 SF

Scottsdale, AZ

O'Reilly Auto Parts

8,317 SF

New Build to Suit Dollar General in Penn Valley, California

Penn Valley, CA

Dollar General

9,100 SF

New Build to Suit Dollar General in Glendale, AZ

Glendale, AZ

Dollar General

9,100 SF

New Build to Suit Dollar General in Angel Fire, New Mexico for sale

Angel Fire, NM

Dollar General

9,100 SF

Phoenix, AZ

Dollar General

7,500 SF

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