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Madison Nyberg

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Property Marketing Manager


Madison Nyberg joined SimonCRE as a Marketing Associate at the end of 2020, quickly rose to the rank of Senior Marketing Associate by 2022, and in 2023 was promoted to Property Marketing Manager. She comes from a diverse marketing background and has always had a passion for the commercial real estate industry. With degrees from both the Lundquist College of Business in Marketing and the School of Journalism and Communications in Advertising, she graduated with a double major Bachelor of Science in 2016 from the University of Oregon.

Madison seeks out opportunities to be creative and innovate. She enjoys solving puzzles, high-energy environments, and color-coding anything she can. She is also an active member of the Valley of the Sun Active 20-30 Club.

Before relocating to Phoenix, Madison spent a year with her now husband in San Francisco. Prior to that, she lived in Oregon where she was born and raised. Whenever possible, she travels to new countries, plays soccer, starts new books or puzzles, begins house renovation or DIY projects, watches football, or hangs out with her two pups. 


I’m responsible for helping with the company’s overall marketing strategy including content creation, marketing automation, property flyers, website management, CRM management, and basically handling the day-to-day curveballs.

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