Lee Jaramillo

Acquisitions & Leasing Analyst

Phone Number

(480) 750-8922


Acquisitions & Leasing Analyst


Lee Jaramillo joined SimonCRE in 2021 as an Acquisitions & Leasing Analyst, where he works closely with the acquisitions and executives teams researching new sites across the country.

Prior to SimonCRE, Lee worked alongside attorneys from around the world editing, proofreading, and formatting legal documents. He also has extensive experience utilizing HTML to force eCommerce websites to the front page of Google. 

Before earning his BA in Global Journalism at the University of Arizona, Lee embarked on his real estate journey by successfully renovating, repairing, and managing a residential property. He continues to manage the property to this day. In his free time, you can find Lee hunting for classic cars, traveling to college friends’ cities, lending a hand to anybody who asks for one, and certifying in unique skillsets.


I’m responsible for helping with the company’s overall marketing strategy including content creation, marketing automation, property flyers, website management, CRM management, and basically handling the day-to-day curveballs.

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