Kelly Hardin

Property Manager

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D: (480) 745-2039


Property Manager


Kelly Hardin serves as a Property Manager with SimonCRE, handling vendor administration, submitting payment requests, and maintaining tenant and vendor relationships at properties. Kelly joined SimonCRE in 2017 as Executive Office Manager.

She brings with her 18 years of exceptional organizational and managerial experience from her previous role as Director of Operations for Magellen Properties in Elmhurst, Illinois. She was responsible for overseeing five residential real estate properties, including determining capital needed for improvement projects, managing logistical regulations, and developing and implementing annual budgets for all properties. She also managed accounting procedures, maintained property analysis information, gathered and recorded supporting data, directed a maintenance team, and property manager while maintaining personnel records, amongst numerous other responsibilities.

In her spare time, Kelly is a fitness fanatic. Kelly has 27 years of fitness experience including personal training, aerobics and kickboxing. Before moving to Arizona, she managed to squeeze in the time to earn her Spin Certification and taught for three years at XSport Fitness and 5 Seasons Country Club in Illinois. Kelly continues to teach spin classes on the weekends at EoS Fitness facilities in Scottsdale and Phoenix. Additionally, she lifts weights and was recently certified as a Keto coach by Dr. Eric Berg. 


I’m responsible for helping with the company’s overall marketing strategy including content creation, marketing automation, property flyers, website management, CRM management, and basically handling the day-to-day curveballs.

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