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Eydie Merrill

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Leasing Paralegal


Eydie joined Simon CRE in 2022 as a Leasing Paralegal.  She works closely to support the leasing and legal team, assisting in the timely and accurate preparation, execution, and abstracting of all leases. Her mantra is, “I read, write and edit.” 

In addition to real estate, Eydie has a background in insurance and worked as a Navy Contractor in support of Homeland Security initiatives. In 2014 Eydie secured her paralegal certificate and returned to commercial real estate. Prior to joining Simon CRE, she supported operations for over 500 buildings, 25 million square feet, and 200 employees.  

Eydie loves the outdoors and enjoys many outdoor activities. She is an avid Scrabble player and works word puzzles to sharpen her skills as a wordsmith. She frequently travels to Italy and is looking forward to adding South America to her adventures. Her two dogs, Mr. Biggs and Brie, insist on being walked every day.


I’m responsible for helping with the company’s overall marketing strategy including content creation, marketing automation, property flyers, website management, CRM management, and basically handling the day-to-day curveballs.

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