Elissa Berg

Chief of Josh

Elissa Berg

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(480) 745-2039


Chief of Josh


Elissa Berg joined SimonCRE in 2021, where she is referred to as Chief of Josh (a.k.a. Executive Assistant Extraordinaire). She provides first-class support and is constantly thinking ten steps ahead to secure our CEO’s success in all matters.

Elissa has been in the administrative world for over 14 years, where she has worked in almost every department. She fell in love with being the trusted “go-to” person who ensures that those around her have what they need to be most successful, which is how she found her way to being an Executive Assistant. One of Elissa’s favorite things about her career is being the wizard behind the scenes that makes life seamless for her executive. 


I’m responsible for helping with the company’s overall marketing strategy including content creation, marketing automation, property flyers, website management, CRM management, and basically handling the day-to-day curveballs.

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