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High-yield bridge Loan Program

SimonCRE has ongoing opportunities for short-term, high-yield loans for the development of triple net lease (NNN) properties. The current program provides an opportunity to deploy capital, in the form of a loan, for a period of about 6-18 months with an annual percentage rate of ten percent (10%).* At a minimum, those funds will earn six (6) months of interest.

*This estimate is not an active quote, is dependent upon the loan, and can vary from this time range.


Here's The Deal

Profile of tenants

Tenants involved in each of these deals are retail-focused and maintain investment-grade or creditworthy financials.

Lease Term

Each of the selected opportunities will have an initial lease that is typically ten (10) years or more in duration.

Sale & loan payoff

Upon the earlier of (i) sale of the property, or (ii) 18 months, the loan amount plus interest will be paid. No interest or principal will be paid prior to sale or 18 months.


how it works

Our commitment to you is full transparency and a thorough breakdown of our program. The process is broadly broken down into the following steps:

  • Loan commitment
  • Identify property
  • Fund loan commitment
  • Construction commitment/acquisition
  • Loan pay off/sale of property

*The information on this page does not create a contract or other legally binding relationship between SimonCRE and any third party.


Having successfully financed over $674 million in construction, redevelopment, and acquisitions, SimonCRE is committed to delivering results to our clients with integrity and distinction. Our accomplishments are derived from our full-service approach toward investment solutions.

In this changing market, we are committed to finding creative investment vehicles such as joint ventures, fee developments, and separate account initiatives.

With these types of investment programs, we can build strategic relationships today for a brighter future tomorrow.


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SimonCRE is a full service commercial real estate development company based in Scottsdale, AZ. SimonCRE was formed by Joshua Simon in 2010 to deliver superior service through extensive knowledge, experience, integrity, hard work, and technology.

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